Utility Of The Drill Machine In The Construction Work

machines are needed. It is needed for drilling holes in the metals, wood and in the brick and mortar or in the stones. Therefore, a powerful drill machine is required to ease the process and help in making neat and accurate holes. With the help of drill machines, all kinds of drilling works are done with convenience. All you need is to have the drill bit kit which enables to drill different types of holes on various materials. Drill Bit Best offers you information on different kinds of drill bits making it easier for you to buy the best one.

 Drilling of the wood

Common drill bits which are used for drilling on the wooden surface either plywood or solid are Brad Point bit, Spade or flat wood bit, Masonry bit, Hole saw Step bit, High Speed Steel (HSS) bit etc. Each of the drill bit has specialized feature which offers different types of holes on the wooden surface. With the help of the Brad Point bit it is possible to drill hole in the soft wood and avoid triangular ragged surface. Spur bit has the flat surface and it is suitable for rapid drilling. If too much pressure is applied the splintering effect is produced on the wooden surface. Hole saw is used for drilling holes of larger diameter with the help of the small rounded teeth just as in the handsaw.

Drilling of the metal

Drill bits which are used for metals and other hard materials are High speed steel, cobalt coated, titanium coated, unibit and metal hole saw. Unit bit is conical in shape and it has many cutting edges of different diameter. It is suitable for sheet metals. HSS bit with titanium and cobalt coating are suitable for drilling in the harder metals.

 Drilling of the glass

In the construction process, glass is one of the most important construction materials. It is used for making windows, doors, center table, partitioning, fencing and making glass ceiling. The glass is required to be fixed with screws and nails. Thus, glass is drilled with the help of the drilling machine using suitable drill bit. Generally, the drill bit with carbide tip and straight shank is used for drilling on the glass.  Drilling of glass should be done only at the low and medium speed. There is a high risk of breakage of the glass due to high friction. Water or lubricant is sprayed to prevent excessive heating of the glass surface while drilling. Paper or cloth should be placed over the surface to prevent the drill pint from slipping on the glass surface.

Drilling on the masonry materials

Diamond hole saw and Tungsten carbide bit is used for drilling holes in the construction material like concrete, stone, tile, brick and mortar. These bits are available in round shank which do not slip and can be easily inserted into the hard materials.