4 Features To Consider When Selecting A Wrist Watch

It is interesting to note that men still wear watches even on an age where almost everyone owns a smartphone that has the capability to display time. Sometimes, it is not all about time checking but watches as well signal a sense of style. Since their invention in the 19th century, watches have undergone various improvements and innovations that explain the awesome brands in the market. I must admit that I just admire the craftsmanship that comes with a wrist watch. The following are essential factors to consider when selecting a wrist watch.


If you want a durable watch, then you should select one with a good casing and strong parts. Some of the most common materials are metallic, plastic and rubber. Most people prefer stainless steel watches because they do not rust easily and are long-lasting. The material does not necessarily determine the final price because some metallic watches are cheaper than their plastic counterparts.


Some of the most common straps are plastic, rubber, steel and leather. Steel bracelet is known to be the heaviest while rubber is usually the lightest. Different manufacturers such as hublot sell different models that come with varying straps. You also have to ensure that the color of the bracelet blends well with your outfit. Some sellers will even give you a chance to select your ideal bracelet.


You have to know your wrist size to make an informed decision when selecting a watch. Some people prefer wearing big watches but make sure it fits your arm well. I hate watches that overhang on my wrist because most are uncomfortable to wear. The standard size for people with small wrists is in between 38 to 40 mm while those with large wrists fall in between 42 to 44 mm. Shopping online can sometimes be tricky for those who do not know their exact sizes. In such cases, I advise people to select standard watches and research from friends and acquaintances as well.

Features of the watch

Apart from the time, we use modern watches to monitor our heartbeat, check the calendar, measure speed and record important events among many other functions. Some come with specialized features that fit engineers, referees and those who love exercising.

Knowing the above factors ensures that you select a wrist watch that suits your needs. You can also buy several watches to suit different occasions such as casual dinners and formal settings.