Tips for Travelling to Athens

A smart traveller always makes a happy traveller. Athens is one of the top travel destinations across the world, and you need to know what to expect when you go there.  We have come up with practical tips to help you when you decide to go there.

Holidays and Travelling

The national holiday, which falls in the middle of summer, is Assumption Day. This is vital because the days leading to and after the holiday see many roads and flights being overcrowded and can lead to a delay in your itinerary.

You need to avoid travelling domestically during this time and try to get to your destination earlier or after the holidays.

The good news is that at this time, the city itself is less crowded and most restaurants will be open, though most of the shops will remain closed.

Major museums will be open as normal. This can be the perfect day to go to the beach or take a tour of the town. If you need more activities, why not check here for some suggestions?

Learn Some Basic Greek

Greek is not such an easy language to learn, but you must master a few words in Greek to survive in the country. You can grab an audio Greek translation book or opt for a translator once you arrive. Using a translator is ideal if you are in the city for just a few days, but if you plan to stay more than three days, then it is good that you get to know some words in this language.

The Transport System

The Athens public transport system is well-integrated thanks to the changes and improvements that were made before the Olympics.

The system can be confusing and is marked into three – the red, green and blue line. Make sure you understand what each of these means when it comes to transport and where each takes you. Know what to take when you want to go out of town and when you wish to get to the beach.

For shorter trips around the city, you can use Athens taxis, which are relatively cheap. The fare is charged using a meter with an initial base rate. These taxis run twenty four hours each day, and you can hail them down or go to the taxi stand. The good thing is that most of the taxi drivers have learnt to speak English, but it still helps to write down the address you wish to go to.

What You Should Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

It is the desire of every individual to have more followers on Instagram. Most of the big brands and influencers on this platform are using this to promote their pages. They are not only business going about this but also individuals seeking to increase their popularity. It is very cheap and simple way to attracts many followers. However, before going about this, it is essential to evaluate a number of factors.

    1. Establish if the followers are fake or real

There has been a recent rise in the concern over the number of fake accounts and users.  A user may be thinking that they are being followed by live users but in the real sense, they are false. Therefore, before you go into the agreement ensure that the users that are being referred to you are legit. Essential to note that presence of fake accounts may lead to a closure of your account.

    1. Ensure that the followers are active

What keeps an Instagram page is the activeness of the followers. An account might be having a multitude of followers, but all of them are fake. Therefore it is essential to ensure that they are active and the discussions that they hold propel the page forward.  In addition, make sure that they have the capability to attract more followers to the page.  When sourcing them for the purpose of marketing a product ensure that they are also potential consumers of your products and services.

    1. Check on the history of the seller and the followers

Reputation is vital for any individual and business as it either adds value to you or deducts it. Negative statuses are not welcome to anyone, therefore, research on the history of the page and see if there any instances where there were collisions with morals that your account and organization holds. Moreover, collisions with authorities should be avoided as they may end up impairing your reputation.

    1. Look at the legal procedures that govern this function

The activity is easy and there are rules that are set by Instagram that show how an individual or organization should go about the same. A violation of the set rules may lead to the closure of the whole account hence loosing even the followers that you previously had. Hence before doing it go over the regalities that are set and if there is the possibility of violation, stop the process. Ensure that you check expert ideas such as Autoinsta Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog to avoid losing your account.