Drug-smuggling drone crashes near Mexico border

Fox5 News reported on a drone that crashed near the Mexican border.  What was unusual was that it seems that the drone was being used by drug smugglers to try and transport drugs across the U.S. border.  The drone crashed during the night just south of the border.  This has law enforcement agencies looking now at drug smugglers possibly using drones as another method to sneak their cargo into the U.S.

A witness called Tijuana Municipal Police at 9:50 p.m. after watching something fall from the sky and land in the Pueblo Amigo complex parking lot, just southeast of the San Ysidro Border Crossing, authorities said.

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When police officers arrived they found a broken drone with six packages of crystal meth attached to it. The drugs weighed about 6.5 pounds, according to police.

This is evidence that drugs are being transported by drones, Tijuana police said Wednesday.