El Pescador State Beach, Malibu in 4K drone video

Drone video of El Pescador State Beach area of Malibu with beautiful 4K footage of the surrounding mountains, ocean, and beach.  Also, check out the huge mansions on the cliffs overlooking the beach towards the end of the video.

The El Pescador State Beach in Malibu, California is a favorite location for surf-fishing and bodyboarding. With its good waves, long beach area, and minimal crowds it is a favorite for surfers and bodyboarders looking to stay away from the crowds.  It is located past (driving from LA) the other Robert H. Meyer State Beaches (La Piedra and El Matador) at beach address 32860 Pacific Coast Highway at Decker Canyon Rd.  There is a parking lot … if full, people do park on the side of PCH.

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