Gun firing drone video leads to investigation by authorities

ABC News reports on the controversy after a young man in Connecticut posted a video online that shows shots being fired by a hand gun attached to a flying drone. The short 14 second video was posted on YouTube and shows a drone hovering above the ground and firing 4 shots from a pistol.
The video went viral and now has the attention of the authorities.  The man says that he was just applying the technology he learned in mechanical engineering.  That said, the FAA is investigating if any laws were broken.  It is looking like there is no clear-cut violation of state law but the man might have violated federal aviation law against careless or reckless operation of an aircraft.  Maybe laws against releasing something from and arming a civilian aircraft ?
As always, ABC News does a great job in reporting related information, like the problems recently with drones around airports interfering with planes landing and fire fighters having to ground air tankers because of drones flying in the area.   We love to fly our drones for hobby, however, without people taking a little more care and thought in how and where they fly, they are jeopardizing the flying experience for others in the future.