California company says new drone has flight time up to 2 hours

Impossible Aerospace, a California start-up company, has unveiled an electric commercial-grade drone with a flight time of up to two hours. According to the company’s news release, their US-1 drone has a battery life that outperforms the approximate 25-minute single-charge flight time of other drones available today and brings it to parity with gasoline-fueled systems. They indicate that they have begun selling the systems, which are equipped with optical and thermal sensors, to firefighters, police departments, and search and rescue teams.

Drone platform designed from the ground up with the battery in mind, resulting in more of a flying battery with the thought toward the future displacement of petroleum fueled systems.

Given the growing concern over privacy and national security issues, Impossible Aerospace indicated that the US-1 will be engineered and assembled entirely in the U.S.

US-1 Aircraft Specifications

Flight time: Up to 120 minutes
Rated Payload: Max 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
Flight time with Rated Payload: Up to 78 minutes
Speed: Up to 19 m/s (42 mph)
Distance: Up to 75 km ( )
Autopilot: Px4


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