Log Splitters – Their Types And Features

A log splitter is a tool that helps in splitting logs of wood. It is beneficial for all those people who require wood pieces to warm their house or cook food. Log splitters are available in various types such as manual splitters, gas splitters and electric splitters.

Manual Log Splitters

These type of log splitters are very light in weight. They are cost effective as compared to the other two types of log splitters such as electric and gas. They can be stored easily at anywhere you want. http://splittingwood.net/ is the leading provider of best quality and economic log splitters of different types.

In manual log splitters, you are provided with two options to choose from: foot powered and hand powered. Some of these log splitters operate with hydraulics, while others operate on weights and manpower. If you want a wood splitter to burn wood on an occasional basis, then manual log splitter is the right choice.

Electric Log Splitters

These are the most commonly and popularly used log splitter that is appropriate for most of the situations. Their working principle is same as that of a gas splitter. Electric log splitters are light and portable due to their compact size. You can easily use them in your indoor, outdoor or at any place where there is an electrical outlet. These log splitters can be operated by keeping them at the ground level, on a stand or a bench.

The price of gas is more than electricity; this makes an electric version of splitters more economical than its gas version. These splitters require less maintenance as you need not change fluids on a regular basis as needed in case of a gas engine.

Gas Log Splitters

When it comes to power and strength, gas log splitters are the best ones to consider. These splitters can easily split logs of larger diameter. As they have engine exhausts, they can’t be used indoors. This is the most expensive ones but largest and most powerful one. When using these splitters, you require performing regular maintenance in the form of change in oil and air filter, spark plug replacements, and the addition of fuel.

A right log splitter is the one that has all the necessary features as required by you and falls within your budget.