Maximize the Pleasure of Drinking Brewed Coffee by Getting Fancy Espresso Cups

There are many coffee cups available in the market. However, when it comes to Espresso, you don’t only drink it, but you feel the taste and enjoy its aesthetic appearance too. However, the cups should not give an undesirable taste or smell and should also maintain the temperature.

In order to enjoy your Espresso coffee, you need to select from a variety of cups available in the market varying with different shapes and sizes and of different materials such as borosilicate glass, porcelain etc. The below are a few things to look after to get the perfect Espresso cups for you to maximize the pleasure for drinking as well as serving.

Size matters:

The size that you plan to either serve or drink for yourself matters. If you prefer single shot, then it will be 30ml, 2 for 60ml and 3 for 90ml. You should count for “head space” as extra besides considering the shots. For cappuccino or latte the cup size to serve above 180ml should be considered. If you are unsure of the size, you can go to My Demitasse to select and explore the options.


You should look for comfort in terms of serving, holding the cup as well as drinking. The cups should be able to hold hot drinks without getting cracks. The handle should have enough space so that it can be held tightly. The cups should have thick sides, so that the coffee is isolated and remains hot.

Material & Construction:

The material and construction are vital for durability, heat retention and care. In general, most of the Espresso coffee cups are made up of porcelain since they are thick and able to isolate the Espresso. There are different grades of porcelain available in the market. The thicker cups are better and durable from heat retention point view too.

The borosilicate glass – another type is resistant to shock and thermal expansion and thus helps in retaining brew temperatures. Since they are colourless, they add good aesthetic value. There are also the ones that are served in hotels in shot glasses. These glasses make good visual of dark colour and ‘Crème’ better.


Nowadays the cookware is matched with the interiors and the espresso cups are customised accordingly. If you are particular about this, you can get them or select from thousands of designs readily available in the market.


Dishwasher safe:

You should see whether the cups are microwave safe and can be cleaned in dishwasher and then select accordingly.

Thus, the ultimate decision is yours – based on your choices and suitability you can select the one. You can either purchase as a set of 2, 4 or 6 and with the matching saucers.