How to Become an Instagram Influencer

It’s nice to become an influencer on Instagram. Everyone wants to follow you, brands want you to become their ambassadors not to mention that your audience looks up to your for inspiration and advice. Achieving the status of an influencer, however, is easier said than done – you have to get followers, lots of them. On the flip side, these tips will help you get started with your journey to becoming a major force on Instagram.

Buy Followers

Yes, it doesn’t hurt to purchase Instagram followers. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to get people to follow you. The idea is to compel your target audience to follow you. Buy a reasonable number of followers to create the impact you need to become more discoverable by Instagramers within your industry. On that note, visit to learn more about buying Instagram followers and what it really means for your brand.

Respect Your Followers

Appreciate your current followers, and you’ll attract more. The truth is, if you are not listening and paying attention to your followers, it will be hard for you to keep them. On top of that, you will no longer be in a position to make any meaningful impact on Instagram. Make sure that you keep your eye on the levels of engagement. Keep in mind that while having a large following matters, it is keeping them engaged that really counts. Indeed, you want more than bragging rights. You want a following that can help increase your reach, the exposure that the ability to find others in your industry.


Your network is your net worth, so they say, and the same is true on Instagram. You may have the most beautiful images and the right keywords but for you need to reach out to other Instagrammers to flourish on Instagram. Networking is not only powerful but can also make you stand out quickly in the social media sphere. Encourage your followers to share your content to extend your reach. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re networking with the right people – those who can help you become an influencer.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is competing for followers on Instagram. And while it may seem like a daunting task to amass as little as 100,000 followers, you can do it using the right tactics. Remember, it is all about remaining different and giving people more than one reason to follow you.

4 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Following

With over 800 million active monthly members, Instagram is one of the biggest social networking platforms on the planet, with millions of images being uploaded daily. The app has quickly outgrown its initial goal which was to share images, and it has become a serious platform for networking and building an audience for both individuals and brands.

Engagement rates for Instagram exceed the levels for the other platforms combined, which makes it the best platform for individuals or brands looking to grow their following.

With Instagram comes fame. You get famous in your niche or region. And you accomplish this feat by using the following Instagram hacks that give you more followers.


    1. Cross Promote

If you come up with a hashtag, you need to cross promote it. You can do this by taking it to other social media pages that you own, or even taking it offline by printing it on ads, receipts and other relevant places.

If you are on news or TV, then redirect people to the hashtag. Don’t just come up with a hashtag and hope that people will accidentally stumble upon it.


    1. Get Beyond the Obvious

Many people are coming up with obvious hashtags that don’t go anywhere. Instead, look beyond what you do each day and come up with tags that are comprised of more than one word.

Don’t just be the normal you – at times choose to be funny, controversial and outrageous. Additionally, include a host of different types of content in your engagement.


    1. Engage Your Followers

You need to participate in conversations as well. For each post, take time and use a host of relevant hashtags that relate to your niche. These hashtags show your intention and help you to get the right kind of people to your page.


    1. Don’t Just Allow Any Content Through

Make sure you choose which photos get through to your profile by approving the photo tags before they show up. Change your settings so that you only approve the photos that you deem useful to your efforts.

Final Words

You need to use these hacks to get more followers to your profile. The more the followers you have, the more authority you command on the platform. Take time to understand the kind of audience you are engaging with and come up with the relevant hashtags to use. You can check out more hacks on