How To Remain Relevant On Instagram Marketing

If you have been in business for long, then you know that things come and go but you must remain relevant. A good number of people are always carried away by this wave and it mostly affects those that are not ready for a change. A lot has changed since social platforms were introduced and became accepted ten years ago. Some business owners have been smart and adapted accordingly while others have lost followings due to disruptions. If you compare Instagram that was launched in 2010, it is somehow different from what we have today. The following are simple tips on how to remain relevant on Instagram


    1. Keep your content fresh

There are many people who post on social media, but very few of them produce content that people are looking for. You may have some awesome tips on how to type perfectly on a typewriter but they are not applicable in today’s world where everyone is using a computer. Ensure that the content you post is relevant to your target audience and creates value for their time. Avoid using outdated hashtags because they indicate that you are just recycling content. Before you click on the share button, always ensure that the content fits your target audience.


    1. Follow industry leaders

There are people who are always on the lookout for new trends that are dominating the social space. These are the kind of people who will know when a new algorithm is being rolled out and how it will affect your account. Ensure that you identify a few of them who are experts in the area and follow their posts. Read some reviews of some of their works to ensure that you get the right people. Check the kind of content that they post and learn a few lessons on how you can improve your reach.


    1. Prioritize on major tasks

Social media can be addictive and it might rob you precious time which you can use to grow your business. It might not be that easy to manage an Instagram account and still focus on business. You need a good following on Instagram to make sales and achieve your campaign goals. Getting followers needs lots of effort but some say you can buy real followers by contracting experts in this area. Some other functions that you can automate include following back, commenting and liking other people’s posts which gives you enough time for content creation.