Some Factors To Know About Airless Sprayers

If you are new to the world of airless spray painting, then you will have many questions that require answering. Apart from buying an ideal airless sprayer for your work, it is suggested to understand its maintenance work too.

Answers for Some FAQs about Airless Sprayers

There are many questions and doubts that require answering, when it comes to understanding about the air sprayers. Some are listed below.

  • How to Clean Airless Sprayer

The spraying material that you use in the airless sprayers says a lot about how you handle airless sprayers. If you load latex inside airless sprayers, then water is the right cleaning material, if it is oil-based paint, then mineral spirits is the right choice, and finally if you use lacquer, then lacquer thinner is the right cleaning material. You can find best quality airless sprayers manufactured by Paint Smoothly, one of the airless sprayer manufacturers, in the market today.

Once you are done with cleaning the airless sprayers, make sure that you use a type of protectant to keep the unit clean till the next use. You can take help from the experts working for Paint Smoothly to know more.

  • How often cleaning of airless sprayer is recommended

It is suggested to clean the unit after each use. Thorough cleaning is the only way to make sure that the sprayer unit can be used the next time. Thoroughly clean some important parts such as tip, gun and housing, before storing it away.

  • Ideal Tip Size that should be Used

Not all tip sizes are ideal for all airless sprayers. Before making a decision, make sure to go thoroughly through the user’s manual.

  • When is the right time to replace tips

The material abrasiveness will decide about the usage of the tip of an airless sprayer. The more you use such tips, the earlier it gets worn out. Make sure to keep an eye on the tips every time you decide to use your airless sprayer.