Drone footage of the Dead Sea area in Israel

Beautiful aerial footage of the Dead Sea area in Israel.  Amir Aloni uses a drone to present spectacular views of the area of the lowest exposed land on Earth. The drone captures the Dead Sea, rivers running through beautiful canyons and desert area, magnificent mountainous terrain, and other scenes from this most interesting area of the world.

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A few facts about the Dead Sea and surrounding area:
* The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth of any land mass at over 400 meters (over 1,300 feet) below sea level.

* It is known as the Dead Sea because its high salinity level prevents the existence of life forms in the lake. However, the same salt offers relief to visitors seeking the healing properties for their various aliments.

* The sea bed also has deposits of black mud that is easy to spread on the body and provides the skin with nourishing minerals. As if that were not enough, the bromide in the air is also beneficial to the body’s systems, thus making the Dead Sea a provider for good health and healing for vacationers from all over the world.

* The western shore of the Dead Sea is dotted with beaches and bathing areas which include the therapeutic beaches of Neve Zohar and Ein Bokek.

* The Dead Sea is located on the edge of the Judean Desert which is a barren and hot region at the base of the Ha-He’etekim cliff, with the coastline home to many springs which are surrounded by wild plant life. This combination of desert landscapes and oases with water, plants and animals draws many tourists to sites such as Mt. Sdom, Nakhal Darga, the Ein Gedi nature reserve and the Einot Tsukim (Ein Fashkha) reserve.

* The northwest area of the Dead Sea is also known as a pilgrimage site for Christians, especially during the Easter season, where from here they go to the Jordan river which is the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism.

Credits from video publisher:
Music: Signal Flags by Charles Atlas (http://www.charles-atlas.com/)